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Microchip identification is the best way to prove ownership of your pet and offers protection from loss, theft or separation due to natural or personal disaster.

The microchip number is unique and belongs only to your pet. It can be done to lots of different animals, including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, turtles and most other mammals.

How does it work?

Microchipping is a permanent form of identification for your pet. Inserting a microchip is like a vaccination, it only takes a few seconds. It takes more time to do the paperwork than implant the microchip.

The procedure is very safe and your pet will feel little pain. Once done, your pet’s details, your contact address and phone numbers are entered on a national database.

If your pet is already under anesthesia for a procedure, such as de-sexing, the microchip can be implanted while they’re still under anesthesia.

Current costs


What is a microchip?

Microchips are what is known as an RFID device (Radio Frequency Identification Device). They are approximately the size of a grain of rice and safe to use on your pets for identification purposes. A microchip is implanted in an animal with a sterile implantation device in the soft scruff of the neck. It is an extremely common and safe procedure.

The microchip itself does not have a battery—it is activated by a scanner that is passed over the area, and the radiowaves put out by the scanner activate the chip. The chip transmits the identification number to the scanner, which displays the number on the screen.

The microchip itself is also called a transponder and is not a GPS device and cannot track your animal if it gets lost.

Who to contact if you change address

If you change address or telephone number, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate registry to update your contact details.

Central Animal records
Ph: 1800 333 202

Ph: 02 8850 6800

Australasian Animal Registry
Ph: 02 9704 1450 or 1800 025 461

National Pet Register

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