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Benefits of Dog and Cat Desexing

There are many benefits when it comes to dog and cat desexing or also know as neutering, speying or castrating.

–  Reduced risk of getting cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs
– Reduced risk of acute uterine infections and breast cancer in females
– Females can suffer from physical and nutritional exhaustion if continually breeding.
– Pets generally live longer and healthier lives.

– Pets are less prone to wander, fight, and are less likely to get lost or injured
– Reduces territorial behaviour such as spraying indoors.
– In females it prevents mating behaviour and false pregnancy.

– Reduced Council rates for your dog
– No need to find homes for unwanted kittens or puppies.
– Potential cost savings for expensive surgeries from car accidents or fights, which are less likely to occur if your pet doesn’t roam around.

What is the best age to have my dog or cat desexed?

Dog and Cat desexing

We can and do desex cats and dogs as young as 8 weeks of age. However in most cases there is no great rush and we reccommend desexing your pet between 4 – 6 months, just after completing its primary vaccination course.

Cats can come on heat as young as 4 months of age so best not to delay it much longer to minimise “accidents”.

It’s never too late to desex. In fact, the risk of certain diseases increases with age, so desexing is even more important for older dogs.

Cost of Desexing

Desexing costs are a guide only. Please note if your pets is obese, pregnant, on heat, have retained testicles or other health conditions then it would be best to speak to our clinic staff to get an accurate costing.

Our clinic offers “Gold Desexing Packages” for dogs and cats


These packages include:

Rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, mice
$140 male or female

Did you know desexing your dog will reduce your dog registration fees?

Darwin Shire
Desexed dog under 12 month – free registration
$25 desexed dog but $120 entire (undesexed dog)

Palmerston Shire
$52.50 + GST desexed dog but $105 + GST for an entire dog

Microchipping in Palmerston will save you another 10% off the registration

Our clinic also participates every year in the National Dog and Cat Desexing month in July. More information about this initiative

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Desexing: an opportunity to change a life


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